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Automating Updates on Webpage or File Content by Email

You can set up Page Watch to monitor the content of a webpage or file and automatically create email updates for your subscribers. You can also choose to watch only part of a web page, using tags to call out the relevant area.

Creating a Page Watch Topic for a Webpage or File

  1. On the Account Area toolbar, click Topics.
  2. Click on the appropriate topic.
    • Bulletins sent through Page Watch will be categorized with this topic and sent to the subscribers of this topic.
    • If you want to set up a new topic with Page Watch, you can find instructions in the Creating and Editing Topics article.
  3. On the Topic Information page, scroll down to the Page Watch Settings section and set Page Watch Enabled to Yes.
  4. Keep Page Watch Suspended set to No.
  5. Set Page Watch Type to HTML (for webpages) or File (for .doc, .xls, or .pdf). 
  6. Enter a URL in the Page Watch URL field.
    • Your URL must contain the scheme name (e.g., http://).
    • To see the page you have entered, click the green "Preview" button next to the URL field.
    • If you want Communications Cloud to watch more than one page or file for the specified topic, click Add URL
  7. Set the Number of Page Watch Results to Save for this topic.
    • This setting does not affect Page Watch bulletin drafts; it determines how many results summaries are listed in the Page Watch Results list for this topic.
    • This setting works together with the Page Watch Schedule. For example, if you have Page Watch set to run once a day and set the Number of Page Watch Results to Save to 5, Communications Cloud will store the last 5 Page Watch results or the changes for the last 5 days.
  8. Select a Page Watch Schedule.
  9. Select if you want to Bundle Page Watch Messages. When selected, only one message is created for all new updates when Page Watch checks the page.
  10. To enable Auto Send, set Page Watch Auto Send to Yes
  11. Click Save to save your changes.

Watching Only Part of a Webpage

Use the Communications Cloud Watch Tagged Content feature in tandem with Page Watch to monitor only part of a web page. Content contained on one page can be split into two or more topics in Communications Cloud, and each section can be watched separately for updates. This feature allows for multiple subscription topics on a single web page.

Additionally, watching tagged content can ensure that only relevant content changes initiate bulletins to subscribers. You get better, automatic results, making the bulletin creation process easier than ever. The Watch Tagged Content feature requires you to modify your web pages to include HTML tags around the area of the page to be watched. 

Generic Page Watch Tags

If Page Watch tags are being used solely to focus page watch on a particular area of a page, Communications Cloud can provide a generic tag set. To watch tagged content in this fashion, complete the following:

  1. Submit a request to our Support team using the link at the bottom of this page to make sure the Watch Tagged Content feature is enabled for your account.
  2. On your website, copy and paste these Page Watch tags around the section of code on your website that you want to monitor.
    Content to be watched appears here.
  3.  Now, when Page Watch results are returned, only changes noticed between the above tags will be registered.
  4. You can also access code snippets for watching Tagged Content on the Snippets page. Click Snippets on the Area Option toolbar and scroll to the box that reads Page Watch Content Block Start Tag (generic).

Specific Page Watch Tags

In some situations, your organization may want to use Page Watch on two different sections of the same web page for two different Communications Cloud topics. If there are several subscription topics on a page, specific tags for each section need to be used. To enable the Watched Tagged Content feature in this situation, complete the following:

  1. In Account Options, ensure that Page Watch and Watch Tagged Content are enabled.
  2. In the Page Watch Content Block Code field, note the tag provided. For example, the code might look like "GOV_Topic2".
  3. On your website, copy and paste Page Watch tags around the content you want to monitor. The pagewatch tags should include CODE= followed by the code you received in step 2, surrounded in quotation marks. For example, the tags might look like this:
    	<!--PAGEWATCH CODE="GOV_Topic2"-->
    	Content to be watched appears here.
  4. You can also access code snippets for watching Tagged Content on the Snippets page. Click Snippets on the Area Option toolbar and scroll to the Page Watch Content Block Start Tag (topic-specific) field.


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