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Auto Response Report

With the GovDelivery Communications Cloud Auto Response feature, your organization can instantly trigger an auto-generated message to any subscribers who reply to your bulletins sent from your account. This ensures they receive an immediate response, and the message is available for customization to include contacts and resources for your organization.

The Auto Response report details all Auto Response activity for your organization. Note that the Auto Response report is only available if Auto Response is enabled for your account. If your organization is not currently using this feature, or you can not find this feature in your settings, it is possible that you do not have this feature enabled in your account. Contact Granicus Support using the link at the bottom of this page to have this feature turned on for your organization.

To access the Auto Response report:

  1. On the menu to the left side of your screen, click on Reports.
  2. Under the Bulletin Reports section, click on Auto Response.
  3. Select a Start Date and an End Date.
  4. Select a Reply Address to see the report for a specific From Address within your account.
  5. Click Show Report.


The summary section of the Auto Response Report displays a bar graph of Auto Response activity during the previous week, as well as the total number of auto responses sent from your account during your selected date range.


The details section displays the following fields:

  • Date - The date the Auto Response message(s) were sent.
  • Responses - The number of email messages the Auto Responder replied to on that date.


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