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Transaction Message Templates

Transactional Messages are emails that are automatically sent to subscribers during the subscription process. Account Administrators or other users with the appropriate permissions to access the template module can customize these message templates with your organization's branding elements and messaging.

The following Transaction Message Templates are available:

Message Description
Account Request Expired If double opt-in has been enabled for an account and a subscriber attempts to subscribe to a topic, they will be receive a message with a confirmation link to complete the subscription. If they do not complete the double opt-in process by clicking the link within the necessary time frame, they receive this message, indicating that the link has expired. When enabling this feature, Granicus will work with your team to determine this required time frame.
Password Reset When a user forgets their password or wants to change it, they will receive this message, containing a link that allows them to reset their password.
Preferences Change Confirmation When a subscriber makes changes to their account, such as changing the frequency of their bulletins, or setting, removing, or changing a password, this message confirms that a subscriber has updated his or her account.
Subscriber Deleted This message is sent when the subscriber has chosen to delete their profile. The message confirms that their email address has been deleted.
Subscription Acknowledgment When a subscriber originally signs up for subscriptions, adds new ones, or removes subscriptions, this message is sent to them to acknowledge and confirm the change.
User Confirmation When double opt-in is enabled for your account, subscribers are required to confirm their subscription by clicking a link in the Welcome New Subscriber email they receive. When they click this link, they receive the User Confirmation email, notifying them that their subscription has been successfully completed.
Welcome New Subscriber This email is sent when a new subscriber submits their information on the Confirm Login page. It notifies the subscriber that their account has been created.


A flowchart further illustrating where these messages appear in the subscription process can be found in the Subscription Process Pages and Messages article.


To edit a Transactional Message:

  1. In the left navigation menu, click Templates.
  2. On the Area Option toolbar, click Transactional Messages.
  3. Click the name of the message you want to edit in the list.
  4. Customize the fields for your message. Use the default text to get an idea of what kind of content should go in each field. 
    • A list of field definitions can be found at the bottom of this article for reference. 
    • If you have replaced the default text and want to see it, click Restore Defaults at the bottom of the page to replace all the field values on the page with the defaults.
  5. Click the red Preview link at the bottom of the page to see your changes in action.
  6. When you are done, click Save.

Editable Fields

Below is an alphabetical list of fields you might see when editing a transactional message template:

Field Description
Add Categories Text Text indicating that the subscriber added categories.
Added Topics Text Text indicating that the subscriber added topics.
Add or change password text Indicates that the subscriber has added or changed a password.
Body Body section of your message, by default includes a salutation and explanatory text.
Change digest settings text Indicates that the subscriber changed digest settings.
Choose Different Footer Select a footer from the drop-down list.
Confirmed Text Text acknowledging the subscriptions and indicating that the subscriber will receive updates when they are available.
Email address update Indicates that the subscriber has updated an email address.
Footer Text for the email footer.
From Address Select a From Address from the drop-down box.
Header Header section of your message.
Initial Wireless Message Wireless message sent the first time a subscriber adds topics/category subscriptions to the profile. Please contact Granicus Support using the link at the bottom of this page.
Opt In Text Text explaining the double opt-in process. Applies if you have Double Opt- In enabled.
Pending subscription text Indicates that the subscriber needs to complete the double-opt in process. Only applies if you have Double Opt-In enabled.
Removed Categories Text Text indicating that the subscriber removed categories.
Removed Topics Text Text indicating that the subscriber removed topics.
Subject Subject line for the message.
Subject (Pending Subscriber) Subject line for subscribers that still need to complete the double opt-in process. Only applies if you have Double Opt-In enabled.
Suppress Message This option is available only for the Welcome New Subscriber and Subscription Acknowledgement messages. When a subscriber signs up for their first topic, two things occur:
  1. Their subscriber account is created.
  2. A topic subscription is added to their subscriber account.

By default, this triggers both messages to be automatically sent to the subscriber. You can prevent new subscribers from receiving two messages by setting this field to Yes in one of the transactional message templates.

Wireless message Message sent to wireless subscribers.



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