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Subscription Process Pages and Messages

During the subscription process, clients visit a few pages where they enter their information, select topic subscriptions, sign up for your network partners, etc. They also receive a few email messages, containing things like confirmation messages or links that allow them to complete the final steps of subscribing.

The content and design for each page are determined by the Subscription Page Templates in your account. The content and design for each email message are determined by the Transactional Message Templates in your account. Each template can be customized, allowing you great control over all communication with your subscribers throughout the subscription process. To access templates for customization, click Templates on the left menu. 

The flowcharts in this article illustrate when each subscription page and transactional message might appear to a subscriber. For more information about each page or message, see the Subscription Page Templates and Transaction Message Templates articles.


New subscriber

Existing subscriber editing account and preferences

Existing subscriber deleting profile


Existing subscriber deleting profile with one-click unsubscribe link


Existing subscriber with forgotten password


Messaging to confirm subscriber when double opt-in is enabled

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