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Questions Report

The Questions report provides summary and detailed reporting for the questions that you ask subscribers during the subscription process.

To access the Questions report:

  1. On the left navigation menu, click on Reports.
  2. Under the Topic Reports section, click on the Questions.
  3. Select a Start Date and an End Date.
  4. Click Show Report.


The summary section provides an overview of the report's contents. Fields in the summary include:

  • Net Subscribers in Date Range - The number of new subscribers for the account in the selected date range.
  • Total Questions as of MM/DD/YYYY - The total number of questions for your account as of the selected end date.
  • Total Questions Page Views as of MM/DD/YYYY - The number of times the Question Page has been presented to subscribers as of the selected end date.
  • Total Responses to Questions as of MM/DD/YYYY - Total number of subscriber responses to questions as of the selected end date.


Note: Subscriber answers displayed in this report are only those answers that were submitted during the selected date range. The Start Date of your date range must begin at the time a question was implemented to access all given subscriber answers to that individual question.

You can filter Questions Details by topic and/or channel. By default, the details are sorted by contact name. The detail fields include the following:

  • Contacts - The email addresses or phone numbers of your subscribers
  • Question Name - The name of the question.
  • Question Text - Complete text of the question, presented to subscribers.
  • Type - Type of question.

To filter the Questions Details by topic:

  1. In the Topic Subscriptions box, click +.
  2. Select the appropriate topics.
  3. Click Filter.

To filter the Question Details by topic:

  1. Select the desired channel from the Channel drop-down box.



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