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Publishing a Message Feed to your Site

Organizations in the public sector strive to promote services, enhance public awareness, or improve citizen involvement. Good communication is essential to reaching your goals in these areas, and the success of your communication efforts hinges on your ability to reach the right audience. Communications Cloud offers a number of methods to grow your audience. One of these methods, Widgets, not only lets you expand your reach, but also helps you target the right people.

A Communications Cloud Widget provides a content feed of your bulletins that you can put directly on your website. This gives website visitors a taste of the content they could receive through an email subscription, letting you capitalize on your web traffic and convert visitors to subscribers. People visiting your website have already indicated that they are interested in the content you can provide, making them perfect candidates for your growing subscriber base.

In the widget, bulletins are listed by title, and each links to the landing page for that bulletin. Granicus will work with you to create a custom widget design that is styled to support your brand and meets the accessibility needs (such as Section 508) of your website. You choose where you want to place your widget, and which topics or categories are included in the widget's bulletin list.

Benefits of Communications Cloud Widgets:

  • Extend your audience reach by opening up your bulletin content to website visitors.
  • Allow potential subscribers to see what kinds of content they could benefit from.
  • Grow your subscriber base by prompting site visitors to sign up for email updates.
  • Share your widget to allow citizens or other websites to display your digital content, driving even more audience growth.

Below are a few examples of Communications Cloud Widgets in action:



If you are interested in learning more about this feature, contact support by submitting a request at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum and minimum width for a widget when we insert it on our website?

A: The minimum widget width is 251 pixels. The maximum width is 300 pixels.