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Wireless Messages Report

The Wireless Messages report provides details on bulletins sent to your wireless subscribers.

To access the Wireless Messages report:

  1. On the menu to the left side of your screen, click on Reports.
  2. Under the Bulletin Reports section, click on Wireless Messages.
  3. Select a Start Date and an End Date.
  4. Click Show Report.


The summary section provides an overview of the report's contents. Fields in the summary include:

  • Bulletins Sent - The number of messages sent from your account to wireless subscribers.
  • Wireless Recipients - The count of wireless recipients identified by the To list. This count does not include duplicate recipients (i.e., recipients in two or more topics included in To).
  • Successful Deliveries - The number of wireless messages successfully delivered to recipients.
  • Failed Deliveries - The number of wireless messages the system failed to deliver to recipients.


The details section incorporates the following fields:

  • Date/Time - The date and time the bulletin was sent.
  • To - The recipients of the bulletin, identified by the topic.
  • Subject - The subject line of the bulletin.
  • Bulletins Sent - The total number of bulletins sent to wireless recipients.
  • Successful - The number of bulletins successfully delivered to wireless recipients.
  • Pending - After a bulletin is sent, the number of wireless bulletins that are neither successfully delivered to recipients nor failed to be delivered.
  • FailedThe number of bulletins the system failed to deliver to wireless recipients.

Wireless Messages Reports Glossary

For a more technical and in-depth definition of each metric found in the Wireless Messages Report, click below to download the PDF glossary for the Wireless Messages Report.


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