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What is Engagement Rate?

For government agencies interested in performance metrics, Engagement Rate is a key metric, as it provides a true measure of messaging success for the public sector. Your Engagement Rate is the most relevant piece of data, as it shows how many of your subscribers are interacting with your content and responding to your communication efforts over time. Engagement Rate also takes into account the fact that information coming from government is timelier and does not require a link click to be considered a successful message.

Your Engagement Rate includes people who both open or click on your message, providing a more complete picture of subscribers engaging with your content. Why both? In our experience partnering with more than 1,800 government organizations worldwide, we've learned that if a subscriber opens your email and sees the information he or she needs, then you've successfully communicated with that subscriber -- even if there were no clicks recorded.

For example, if a Federal agency sends an email to subscribers letting them know that a national park closed for environmental upkeep and citizens avoid that park, then that agency has been successful in informing the public. No clicking necessary.

You can view your organization's Engagement Rate and a multitude of other important metrics regarding your agency's account by reading more about the Account Performance Report

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