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Setting Link-Tracking Parameters for a Bulletin

Note: This option must be enabled for your account. If you are interested in bulletin-level link tracking parameters, talk to your account administrator and have them contact our Customer Support team by submitting a request at the bottom of this page.

Link tracking parameters are a useful tool that allow you to track the source of traffic to your website. In GovDelivery Communications Cloud, they let you track the effectiveness of your bulletins in driving digital traffic to your web properties. You can set specific link tracking parameters for a bulletin when you select your bulletin recipients and channels, if this option is enabled for your account.

Setting Link Tracking Parameters for a Bulletin

  • Before choosing link tracking parameters for your bulletin, you should read the Tracking GovDelivery Traffic article.
  • The steps below detail how to set the same link tracking parameters for all links within a bulletin. If you want to set specific parameters for individual links, see the instructions found HERE.

To set link tracking parameters for a bulletin:

  1. Create a bulletin.
  2. Go to the Link Tracking Parameters section.
    • When using the standard bulletin editor, this section appears after the Bulletin Channels section.
    • When using the advanced bulletin editor, navigate to the Audience page.
  3. Edit any existing parameters or click Add Parameter to create a new parameter.
    • This section will be pre-populated with any default tracking parameters that have been set up for your account. If you do not see any parameters when you first access this section, it means no account-level default tracking parameters exist.
    • If you make changes to this section that you wish to undo, click Reset to Account Defaults to revert to the default tracking parameters for your account.

    A. Link tracking parameters that have been set at the account level appear by default.
    B. Enter any bulletin-specific link tracking parameters, for example keywords, identifiers for A/B testing, or communication campaign names.

  4. When you are done, continue editing and configuring your bulletin.
  5. Make sure to test the links in your bulletin prior to sending it. See Testing Your Bulletin.