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Creating a Bulletin from Code

For users who have their own processes outside of GovDelivery Communications Cloud for creating emails in HTML, we have an option that allows you to paste your HTML code directly into a bulletin: The Bulletin-from-Code page.

Note: In order to use this feature, your account must have the Bulletin-from-Code feature enabled. If you’re interested in activating Bulletin-from-Code, contact Customer Support or your Client Success Consultant.

Bulletin-from-Code is for “hardcore” HTML users who prefer designing their emails with a different application or directly from code. While Bulletin-from-Code allows those users to paste their code directly into Communications Cloud without our tool changing it in any way, it also bypasses the tools and abilities our own bulletin pages offer administrators.

To use Bulletin-from-Code:

  1. Navigate to your Bulletins page. 
    Note: This option is available for both general bulletins and topic bulletins. Find out more about creating Topics and Bulletins here.
  2. Click Create Bulletin from Code.
  3. Choose your bulletin recipients. Information on selecting your audience and channels can be found here.
  4. Choose a From address in the dropdown list in the From field.
  5. Enter a subject for your email in the Subject field.
  6. Paste your HTML into the Body section pane, and click Save as Draft or choose a sending option. Find out about options for sending here.



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