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Sending Text Messages (Wireless Alerts)

In addition to sending email updates, GovDelivery Communications Cloud offers wireless or short message service (SMS) alerts for cell phones, pagers, and other text message enabled devices.

Wireless Alert Character Limit

Wireless updates are limited to 160 characters. The 160 character limit includes the additional length of any supported SMS macros that might be in your template. For example, if your bulletin includes the macro, the message subject is included in the message body and counts towards the message's character limit.

Note that, because your subscribers’ carriers may choose to add information to the message, Granicus can’t control the final SMS length. There is risk that some carriers may add enough information to push your message over its character limit.

Sending a Wireless Alert

Wireless alerts are sent in conjunction with email bulletins. When sending a General bulletin or a bulletin for a wireless-enabled topic:

  1. Compose the bulletin.
  2. In the Text Message field, enter your wireless update. Wireless updates are limited to 160 characters.
  3. Preview your message. The wireless alert displays at the bottom of the preview, after the HTML and Plain Text bulletins.
  4. Click Send Now to send the email bulletin and wireless alert.

Note: Wireless alerts do not display in Courtesy Copy messages sent to administrators.

Wireless Alerts FAQ

Q. Why are wireless alerts limited to 160 characters?

A. Most wireless carriers limit SMS messages to 160 characters or less. Communications Cloud follows this guideline to prevent your messages from being truncated. 

Q. Can I send a wireless alert without a corresponding email bulletin?

A. No. All wireless alerts must be sent out with an email bulletin. 

Q. Do I have to send a wireless alert every time I send a bulletin for a wireless-enabled topic?

A. Yes. Anytime you send an email bulletin to a wireless-enabled topic, you must send both an email bulletin and a wireless alert. 

Q. Can I preview a wireless alert before I send it?

A. Yes. When you click Preview, the wireless alert displays at the bottom of the preview, after the HTML and Plain Text bulletins. 

Q. My courtesy copy email does not include a wireless alert. Does this mean that no wireless alert was sent?

A. Wireless alerts are not included in transactional messages such as courtesy copies. 

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