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Campaign Message Activity Filtering Criteria

This filtering criteria is only available when creating a custom Drip Campaign, which is not a standard feature in Communications Cloud. 

To filter for recipients based on whether they received a campaign message:

  1. Click the drop-down next to Apply Criteria...
  2. Select Campaign Messages under Campaign Message activity.
  3. In the first field, choose whether the message was or was not sent to your targeted subscribers.
  4.  In the second field, choose the campaign message.
    Note: You can only select messages in the current campaign.
  5. In the third field, choose when the targeted subscribers received (or did not receive) the campaign message:
    • Select Ever if you're not interested in a specific timeframe during which the subscriber may or may not have received the campaign message.
    • Select At least to target only subscribers who did/did not receive a campaign message before a specific date. Then set the outside limit of that range by selecting a certain number of days ago.
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