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Advanced Bulletin Editor Glossary and FAQs

Advanced Bulletin Editor Glossary

The following list contains common words that you may encounter while learning and using the Advanced Bulletin Editor. Consult this list for clarification and information on how to best use the Advanced Bulletin Editor.

  • Layout - The structure of a template, primarily the number and size of columns. There are currently six Stock Layouts with pre-defined column sizes.
  • Stock Layout - Recommended combinations of columns and headers with pre-defined sizes attributed to each section. The Stock layouts can be used by all accounts.
  • Theme - The "look & feel" assigned to a layout to create a template. This includes font settings, background colors, header specifications, etc. The page title displays as the title of the browser window.
      • Themes are created in the template builder after a layout has been selected, and each distinct template can have multiple themes. Users can select a pre-designed theme for their template while creating a bulletin. 
      • Users cannot modify the theme while creating a bulletin.
  • Template - The combination of a layout and themes. Essentially a fully styled bulletin minus the appropriate words and pictures needed for a send.
  • Sample Template - Fully styled (by themes) templates minus content. This will be an area that includes some recommended styled templates appropriate for press releases, announcements, newsletters, and more.
  • Content Block - A pre-defined area for text or images. There are three content blocks available today: Header, Text, and Image. Users add content blocks into specific sections of a layout when building templates.
      • Template designers can lock content blocks and can also designate a block as being a placeholder. When building bulletins users can also add and modify content blocks.
  • Header Block - Styled text specific to the area it is dragged and dropped into (smaller in narrow columns, larger in headers & footers, etc.).
  • Text Block - Text styled in "normal"; usual represent the bulk of the bulletin's content. Text blocks in a footer area are styled differently.
  • Image Block - A graphical element (photo or other graphic). Users must choose from a previously used photo or select a new image from their local directory. When selecting a new image the user can specify if the image is specific to the bulletin or the template they are working on or if it can be used in other templates or bulletins.
  • Locking - When a content block is locked, users cannot edit or drag the content block.
  • Recently Used Section - In both the Template area and Bulletins area this is a list of templates that were used to build bulletins. Updating a template will not cause it to appear in the Recently Used section. Any templates not appearing in the Recently Used section will appear in the All Templates section.

Advanced Bulletin Editor FAQ


Q: How do I delete a template?

A: To delete a template, open the template. In the lower right corner, click Delete Template.

Q: Can I create my own template using HTML and/or CSS?

A: Yes, you can use the Layout Builder to create your own custom templates.

Q: Can I edit a Sample Template?

A: No, you cannot directly edit a Sample Templates. The Sample Templates are designed to be a framework for your own customized template. When you open a Sample Template, you create a copy of the template that can be saved with your custom changes.

Q: If I update a template, will my changes be reflected in previously created bulletins that used the template?

A: No. Bulletins take a snapshot of the template at the time the bulletin was first created. Any changes to the bulletin after that time are not reflected in the bulletin.

Q. Is there a limit on template width?

A. No, there is no limit on template width. However, Granicus recommends that templates are 600 px or less in width. If your template is greater than 700 px, the template will scroll in the template editor.


Q: How do I delete a bulletin?

A: To delete a bulletin, click the Delete bulletin button in the lower-right corner of your screen.

Q: How can I use both single and double spacing in an advanced bulletin?

A: Hitting the "enter" / "return" button once in a text block will double space the next line beginning a new paragraph. Holding the "shift" and then pressing the "enter" / "return" button will single space the next line, maintaing the same paragraph.
Q: Can I apply a different template to my bulletin?

A: No. Once you have selected a template in the Details section, you cannot apply a different template.
Q: Can I create an Advanced Bulletin from the Send Topic Bulletin page?

A: No. You can only create an Advanced Bulletin from the Create General Bulletin page.
Q: Can I delete a content block that was included in the template?

A: Yes. As long as the content block was not marked as locked, you can delete it.

Q. When I resend an Advanced Bulletin, can I edit the bulletin in the Advanced Bulletin Editor?

A. Yes, when you resend a bulletin created in the Advanced Bulletin Editor, you can edit and resend it from the Advanced Bulletin Editor. Simply click on the link to the right of the bulletin in the Sent tab that reads Open a Copy. Note that if you want to resend a bulletin using the standard bulletin editor, where you can modify HTML, simply contact Client Support, and they can assist you in enabling this feature for your account.


Q: Can I make an image a link?

A: Yes, images can be linked.
Q: Can I resize or zoom in on an image?

A: Yes, you can resize or zoom in on an image as long as the image is large enough.
Q: Can I delete an image once I upload it to the Advanced Bulletin Editor?

A: Yes.


Q: Does the Advanced Bulletin automatically save my changes?

A:Yes, the Advanced Bulletin Editor has an autosave feature that saves your changes every minute.
Q: Is there any way to disable autosave?

A: To disable autosave, uncheck the Autosave? button at the bottom of the editor.

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