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Suppression List

The suppression list ensures that subscribers who have opted out of receiving email or texts from your account cannot be added back to a subscriber list against their will.

A subscriber will be automatically added to the suppression list for your account in the following circumstances:

  • The subscriber deletes his or her subscriber account.
  • The subscriber uses the one-click unsubscribe link in an email footer to unsubscribe from the account.
  • The subscriber has resulted in permanent delivery failures.
  • The subscriber is on the global blacklist - for spam email accounts, for example.

When one of these events occurs, the subscriber's names and contact information – email and phone number -- are added to the suppression list. When an administrator uploads subscribers to a subscription list, Communications Cloud compares their contact information against the suppression list. If a subscriber's information appears on the suppression list, the subscriber is not added to the subscription list.

When a subscriber re-subscribes or opts back in to your account, her information is removed from the suppression list, and she can be added to subscription lists by an administrator just like any other subscriber.

Blacklisted subscribers cannot remove themselves from the suppression list this way. If a subscriber with a blacklisted email address or phone number attempts to sign up or subscribe, she will receive a message to contact Granicus customer support.

Currently, Communications Cloud does not have functionality to allow you to view your account's suppression list.

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