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Content Security

Many clients use GovDelivery Communications Cloud to deliver targeted information to specific audiences. We recognize that some of this information may be sensitive, which is why Communications Cloud hosts all uploaded content and landing pages securely over SSL.

This means that everything on Granicus's content delivery network can be delivered using browser encryption. To ensure that your content is accessed in as secure a manner as possible, we recommend always using https as the protocol for URLs when referencing images or content on if you need them to load securely.

For example, to securely display the following image:


We would use the following URL:

Doing so will require the content to be loaded using encryption, securing all traffic to these assets and preventing outsiders from lifting this information from the user's browser.

If you have further questions about SSL, please submit a request below, and one of our knowledgeable Customer Support Representatives will be happy to assist you.

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