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Creating Subscribers from Active Directory

Our API allows clients to sync data from internal systems to Communications Cloud. Active Directory (AD) databases can be synced with Communications Cloud, but require an additional step for extracting data. Granicus clients wanting to sync from this database can use a tool, like Windows PowerShell (a command line scripting tool/environment) to extract data from Active Directory, then make an API request to create subscriber subscriptions in Communications Cloud.

For this process, you will need a developer resource.

To extract data from Active Directory


  • Staff data is entered into your organization's Active Directory.
  • You have access to Windows PowerShell.


  1. Using PowerShell, write a script to extract email addresses out of AD.
    • This assumes the user has permission to make a query against AD.
    • For example, to extract users created after March 1, 2015, your snippet might look like this:
      get-qaduser -CreatedAfter 03/1/2015 | select firstname, lastname, email 
  2. Create a .CSV file of the email addresses.
  3. Loop through the .CSV file to create an XML document.
  4. For each email address, make an API request to Communications Cloud so that the data can transfer from your system to ours (this can be scheduled for a weekly upload).

 Detailed documentation for making requests against our API can be found here.

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