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Today more than ever, social media services are expanding in usage giving organizations and agencies new challenges and opportunities in communicating with citizens. Social media is a fast and interactive way for people to engage with each other and the world around them, making it an important part of government communications.

How does Communications Cloud integrate with Social Media services?

Granicus recognizes the importance of social media and offers a multitude of ways for organizations to incorporate social media channels into their message and communications efforts. Beside the comprehensive Facebook integrations and Twitter integrations that Granicus offers, there are also a wide variety of social media services Granicus integrates with, that can be used for sharing and interacting with users.

Posting Bulletins to Social Media

While social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are a great way to communicate with your citizens, it can be time consuming to manually update content on each site separately. Granicus can help you automatically push new content to your social media sites.

When you send an email update through Communications Cloud, you can automatically post the bulletin to your Facebook page or to your Twitter feed (or both). From your social media site, visitors are linked to a landing page that contains the full text of your email communication and provides readers the opportunity to share the email with others or sign up for direct email updates. This ensures that your content reaches more citizens with minimal effort.

For more information, see Selecting your Bulletin Audience and Channels.

Emailing Social Media Updates

To keep communities informed and drive more engagement with the social content organizations post, many organizations use Communications Cloud to automate the sending of social content from sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Flicker directly to the inboxes of their email subscribers. Using Communications Cloud's Page Watch feature, this process can be set up once and fully automated in a matter of just a few steps.

For more information, see Automating Social Media Updates by Email.

Incorporating Social Media in your Footer

Turning email subscribers into social media followers and vice versa is a smart method for increasing your audience and your reach as an organization. One of the best ways to turn email subscribers into social media followers is to incorporate a social media into the footers of your Granicus emails. By doing so, you can send your email message recipients directly to your social media hubs to convert them into a more engaged citizen with your agency. A social media footer looks something like this, when it is being inserted into a bulletin:

For more information, see Managing Footers

Using GovDelivery's Facebook App

Facebook can serve as a great resource to grow your digital outreach, as there might be members of your community who engage with your organization on Facebook, but who aren’t aware that you have email or wireless subscription options available as well. With our Facebook Subscribe app, you can capture your Facebook audience and convert them to email or SMS subscribers. Once a user clicks on the email updates app, they are directed to your Quick Subscribe Page. You can see how the app works by viewing it on our Facebook page.

For more information, see Installing the Facebook Subscribe App.

Public Landing Pages with Sharing Buttons

Every time your organization creates a public bulletin through Communications Cloud, a public landing page is created with its own unique URL. You can link to this page and send social media followers or website visitors directly to these links. The header on this public landing page features the following social media buttons, allowing users to interact with or re-purpose the bulletin content:


With the click of a button, citizens who may not be subscribers or social media followers of your agency can view, engage, and share your agency's content via the social network of their choosing. Allowing citizens to share your bulletins via Twitter, directly from bulletin landing pages gives your content better overall visibility and higher chances of being seen by those who are not already invested in your organization. 

For more information, see Multi-Channel Bulletins.

What are the benefits of using Communications Cloud's social media integrations?

The popularity of social media has given government agencies an opportunity like never before. With such a wide demographic of citizens on social media, agencies can integrate their social media presence with Granicus to increase their visibility, attract more engaged citizens and subscribers, and make their communications efforts more effective than ever before by broadcasting them in new and different spaces. People have become comfortable with social media, and giving them a comfortable angle to interact with your agency is one more step to gaining their trust and engaging them as part of your community.

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