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Getting Started

GovDelivery Communications Cloud, from Granicus, helps government organizations achieve their missions by connecting them with the citizens they serve. It's the only cloud-based platform designed exclusively for the public sector. Our government clients use Communications Cloud to manage and send emails, text messages, social media posts, and more. 

This guide is designed to acquaint new users with the features and capabilities of the Communications Cloud platform. 

Logging in

When you are added as a user, or administrator, you receive an email with a link to log in. Click that link, set your password and security information, and you're in business. 


To log in again, go to

Note: The login process might be slightly different for your organization if you are using one of the following security options:

Who Are You?

There are three main types of administrators (users) in Communications Cloud. You can check your administrator type by clicking your user name in the upper right corner.

Topic Administrator Group Administrator Account Administrator

Responsible for sending emails and communications as well as the day-to-day maintenance of email subscriptions for one or more topics.

Download the printable Topic Administrator Quick Guide.

Responsible for overseeing the maintenance of several subscription topics or categories. Assigns and manages topic administrators, who use the tool to send emails and messages.

Download the printable Group Administrator Quick Guide.


Has the highest level of access and is most often the Project Manager responsible for supervising the overall Communications Cloud account.

Download the printable Account Administrator Quick Guide.

Getting Around

Home Screen Elements:

  1. User Menu
  2. Page Title
  3. Navigational links to previous pages (when you have drilled down into a section)
  4. Left Navigation menu
  5. Right menu (specific to what area you have selected in the left navigation)




Administrators are what we call users in Communications Cloud. Group Administrators can add or remove administrators to the topics and categories they manage. Account Administrators can manage administrators for the whole account and also manage login security settings and reset passwords.




The word Bulletins is used to refer to the messages you send using Communications Cloud. You can send email-only bulletins, or you can accompany emails with text messages to wireless subscribers and also posts to social media channels. Topic Administrators most commonly send bulletins, though Group and Account Administrators can also do so. 




Subscribers are the individuals who have signed up to receive updates via email or text message from your organization. Topic and Group Administrators can manage the subscriber lists for the topics and categories they manage. Account Administrators can manage subscribers across the whole account and also customize the subscription/sign-up experience for your organization's content.



Topics and Categories

Topics are individual lists of people who have specifically chosen to receive information about that particular issue. Categories are a grouping of Topics that assemble similar lists of information. For example, your organization might have a Category titled “Traffic Alerts,” with individual Topics underneath it regarding specific roads or highways. Group Administrators create and manage topics and categories, assign topic administrators to them, and assign bulletin templates to topics.




The Granicus Network lets your organization cross-promote your subscriptions with other government organizations to grow your audience larger and faster than ever before. This feature has consistently proven to dramatically increase reach for our clients. Account Administrators can request to join the network and manage the topics featured for your organization on it.




Overlays are a free feature offered by Granicus to our clients that you can incorporate on your website to capture contact information from website visitors. When someone visits your website for the first time, the overlay appears, prompting them to sign up for updates. A Granicus client study found that participating government organizations see between 250% to 500% subscriber growth upon the implementation of an overlay. Account Administrators can contact us to request an overlay for your website.

Description overlay.png



Granicus allows you to take the information your organization is already creating and re-purpose it through email, text messaging, RSS, and social media channels. Your organization can choose what content or Web page updates to promote. Also, with a variety of API offerings, Granicus can help you automate messages based on certain events, as well as many of the every day actions surrounding subscribers and administrators.

Whether you want to distribute safety alerts, news releases, blog posts, or add new subscribers, update topics, and more, Granicus provides a multitude of automation techniques. Using features like Page Watch, Auto Send, Send by Email, and more, you can choose how to automatically update your subscribers, via Granicus bulletins, RSS feeds, or SMS texts.

Many of these techniques require an Account Administrator to enable them. 




You are pushing out messages to your citizens and stakeholders, but do you know what happens once the messages are delivered? Do you know how many people opened your message? Do you want to know what content your readers clicked on the most? Would knowing whether anyone forwarded your messages on to their friends and family help you do your job better?

Our reports can help you find out all of this and more. Gain a deeper understanding of what kind of information your stakeholders are looking at in order to shape more effective and engaging messages in the future.



Social Media

The power of social media sites and their ability to engage and inform the public is indisputable. Granicus provides integrated social media solutions, which can help make your organization efficient and solve your social media communications challenges.

By posting your bulletins to Twitter and Facebook, including social media sharing links to bulletin landing pages, adding embedded subscription boxes to your Facebook page, and more, Granicus helps you to drive deeper engagement with your stakeholders and reach the friends and followers of your subscribers. In turn, this can help increase your effectiveness and create measurable mission value for your organization.

An Account Administrator can set up social media integrations for your organization and Topic and Group Administrators who have been given appropriate access can send posts to those channels.



Advanced Package

The advanced package adds streamlined marketing capabilities that can take an organization’s digital outreach to the next level by incorporating greater degrees of audience segmentation, personalization, message testing, and mobile engagement. This package was designed for advanced communicators looking to take your augment your communications strategy with sophisticated outreach and engagement tactics. If your organization is interested in the advanced package, have an Account Administrator contact your dedicated Customer Success Consultant or submit a request at the bottom of this page.




When you log into Communications Cloud, the first screen you see is your personalized dashboard. By default, the dashboard contains Announcements.




Announcements can be added by your Account Administrators, such as notices about upcoming meetings, training resources, etc. Occasionally the Granicus team might create announcements to inform your organization of issues to be aware of or upcoming maintenance.


Available Widgets

You can customize the dashboard to include the following widgets:

  • Subscriber subscription counts: A graphical representation of number of subscriptions per subscriber for your account.
  • Your Favorite Topics: The favorite topics widget includes your most commonly visited topics and your most recently visited topics, allowing you to easily navigate to the topics you use the most.
  • Subscription growth: A graph of the subscriber changes.
  • Most Popular Topics: A graph of your top topics by subscriber count.
  • Recent bulletins: A list of the last five bulletins that you sent and links back to the bulletin content.
  • Total Subscribers: A graph of the total number of subscribers for your account over the last 30 days.


Customizing Your Dashboard

When you first log into Communications Cloud, only the Announcements appear on your dashboard.

To add additional widgets:

  1. Click Edit Widgets.
  2. A list of available widgets displays.
  3. Drag the widgets you want on your dashboard into the gray box labeled Drag Widgets Here.
  4. Click Done Editing to save your changes.

To reorder widgets on your dashboard:

  1. Click Edit Widgets.
  2. Drag and drop the widgets into the desired order.
  3. Click Done Editing to save your changes.

To remove widgets from your dashboard:

  1. Click Edit Widgets.
  2. Click Close on the widget(s) that you want to remove.
  3. Click Done Editing to save your changes.


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