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Using Authentication

In order to help federal agencies with ensuring the security and integrity of their network systems, Granicus has enabled an option to allow administrators to log in with authentication using their accounts. The login option appears in the opening login screen of the GovDelivery Communications Cloud.

To use this feature, you must have an existing account, and your Communications Cloud account must be enabled for authentication. If your agency has not enabled authentication on the Communications Cloud platform, you should continue to log in with your email address and password as usual.


To sign in using, click on Sign in using Account. You’ll then be taken to your login screen. After you’ve successfully logged in to your account, you’ll return to your Communications Cloud administration homepage. 

Please Note: has a maintenance window during which it is unavailable every Sunday morning from 2-8am EST.

If your agency uses authentication, and you’re interested in using the login option, contact your Granicus Client Success Consultant for more information.


Is authentication available to any Granicus customer?

No. In order to use Communications Cloud’s authentication option, you must first have a account. accounts can be used only by federal clients. If you’re a federal agency, and you’re interested in using authentication, you should contact the Office of Management and budget for more information. If you’re not a federal agency, or don’t have a account, you can’t use Communications Cloud’s authentication.


If I have a account, but my account does not, can I still log in using authentication?

No. You can only use the authentication if your account is enabled for it. Granicus must manually enable your account for authentication before you can use the login option.


If my account is enabled for, can I still log in using just my email and password?

No. If your account is enabled for authentication, all of your account administrators must log in using the authentication. You can’t reset your Communications Cloud account password, nor can you be locked out of your Communications Cloud account because of invalid login attempts, and your account password does not expire.


Can I use my Communications Cloud username and password to log in to

No. You can only use your account credentials previously granted to you by the Office of Management and Budget, the agency responsible for overseeing the account management and technology behind


When I tried to log in using the authentication, it simply said my login attempt failed. Why can’t I log in?            

The most likely reason a login failure is that your account isn’t enabled to use authentication. Check with your Communications Cloud account administrator to see if that’s the case.

If your account is enabled for authentication, it could mean that you haven’t connected your Communications Cloud administrator’s account to your account. When your account is first enabled for authentication, you will receive an email notification with a link that connects your administrator’s account to your account. If you haven’t clicked on this link within 24 hours of receiving it, you will be unable to log in to Communications Cloud.

If you let 24 hours expire before linking your Communications Cloud administrator’s account to your ID, contact your Communications Cloud account administrator to regenerate a new notification.


If I didn’t click on the link in the notification email within 24 hours, can I still log in using my Communications Cloud username and password?

No. After your account has been enabled for authentication, all of your account’s users must use the authentication option, not just the users who have connected their Communications Cloud accounts to their accounts.


If my account is locked out or not working, what should I do?

If you encounter issues logging in to your page, contact MAX customer support.

For any questions related to your account, contact the Office of Management and Budget support.

Granicus does not have access to any information related to your account, including username, password, or two-factor devices (PIV or CAC). Granicus customer support can’t manage or change anything related to your account.


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