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The Advanced Package

The advanced package adds streamlined marketing capabilities that can take an organization’s digital outreach to the next level by incorporating greater degrees of audience segmentation, personalization, message testing, and mobile engagement.
Advanced Package for Communications Cloud
Follow this path to see the documentation for all features included in the Advanced Package for Communications Cloud.
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  • Using Segments
    Your communications are most effective when your audience finds your messages relevant. When sending a bulletin, you can select your audience through the use of topics and filtering criteria, targeting just the right people. You might find that you often choose the same combination of topic subscriptions and filtering criteria, and to help you more efficiently send bulletins to these groups, GovDelivery Communications Cloud offers segments.
  • A/B Testing Campaigns
    A/B tests allow you to send two different bulletins to your subscribers, and track which bulletin your recipients better engage with. You can test layout, graphics, preheaders, subject lines, or any other element in your bulletin, and see what earns higher open rates and click-throughs from your subscribers. The information you gain from your testing campaigns can aid you in writing and designing your bulletins and help drive up your subscriber engagement rates.
  • Running a Re-Engagement Campaign
    GovDelivery Communications Cloud makes the process of reaching out to and re-engaging inactive subscribers as easy as possible. After making a few simple tweaks, you can set up our prepared re-engagement campaign to automatically reach out to subscribers when they fall dormant.
  • Setting Up a Welcome New Subscribers Campaign
    Our prepared Welcome New Subscribers Campaign provides a straightforward approach to this tactic. By enabling the campaign for your account, the system will automatically reach out to new subscribers at intervals throughout their subscriber journey as defined by you, letting your organization foster the relationship with each new subscriber, automatically tailoring the timing of your communications to each individual.
  • Running a Custom Drip Marketing Campaign
    With a drip campaign, you can automate a collection of messages to a targeted audience over a period of time. Simply preload multiple messages, identify the audience for that campaign based on interest, location, or engagement activity, and choose how to automate sending.
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