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Reports Pro API

Reports PRO API provides you with additional access to your data. The attributes used to generate several existing Communication Cloud reports are available for your developers to build reports, dashboards, and visualizations customized to your needs.

Included endpoints in the Reports PRO API

  • Account Performance
  • Bulletin Links Detail Report
  • Bulletin Analytics Report
  • Subscriber Activity
  • Topic & Category Report

Enabling Reports PRO API

To get the Reports PRO API enabled on your account, contact

Once the API access is enabled for you in Communications Cloud, follow these steps to access it:

  1. Log in to Communications Cloud.
  2. From the left menu, navigate to the Reports tab. From here, using the buttons on the blue banner, you can visit the developer documentation ( or manage API tokens.

screenshot pf access banner to Reports PRO API

Managing API tokens

Creating a token

  1. Click the Manage API Tokens button on the banner above (located in Reports) or navigate to Account Settings and then select API Tokens

  1. Click Create Token
  2. Type an internal name for your token in the text field and click Next. If you do not name your token, it will be named with the date you created it.


  1. For security, this is the only time the full key will be shown. Please copy the token and keep it in a safe place. If a token is lost, revoke it and create a new one.
  2. Close the token modal using the x in the upper right corner. The token displays in the list. 

The name and the first four characters of the token will be the only ways to identify this token later.

Revoking and Reactivating

You can revoke a token by clicking the Revoke button to the right of a given key. Once revoked, the key will no longer work to access the API. A key can be reinstated by clicking the Activate button.

Note: Key revocation should be used when a key is lost, compromised, or was used by an application that should no longer be granted access to an account's information.

Renaming a Key

While the actual value of the token cannot be viewed or modified after creation, you can change the nickname for the key. Click the pencil icon next to the token's name, and enter the new name. Press Enter on your keyboard or click the pencil icon again to save.

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