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Managing Your From Addresses

Note: You must be an Account Administrator to view your account’s From Addresses or request new addresses and display names. If you are a Topic or Group Administrator, you will need to contact your Account Administrator for more information about your account's From Addresses.
A From Address is the name and email address that your GovDelivery Communications Cloud bulletins are sent from. The From Address identifies to subscribers who is sending the email. The right From Address conveys credibility to your subscribers as they skim their inboxes, and encourages them to open and read your messages.

If you are an Account Administrator, you can view the From Addresses that are available for your account. To do so:

  1. Click your username in the top right corner of the site.
  2. From the drop-down user menu, click Account Settings.
  3. Click From Addresses in the Account settings menu on the right.

How They Work

Your account can contain multiple From Addresses, allowing your administrators to send to different topics or groups of subscribers with unique From Addresses, depending on the subject or content of the message.

Your account will contain one default From Address, which is used if no other From Address is specified for a bulletin or template. Additional default From Addresses are assigned within bulletin templates. Any bulletin created from a bulletin template will have the From Address assigned for that template selected by default.

If multiple From Addresses are available, your Topic Administrators can select a different address when creating and sending bulletins.

Step 1 - Plan Your From Addresses

When your account is first created, our implementation team will help you to identify the From Addresses you need for your account. Your account can contain multiple From Addresses. You can also use multiple display names for the same From Address. The display name appears in the subscriber’s email inbox. This means you have fewer email accounts to administer, but you still have the flexibility to make your messages easily identifiable in your subscribers’ inboxes.



Additionally, you can choose to have certain From Addresses or display names limited to a specific topic. Limiting a From Address or display name to a specific topic ensures that it is not incorrectly used by accident.

As you add additional topics or categories to your account, consider which From Address and display name you’d like to use. In planning your From Addresses and display names, it’s important to note a few important factors:

  • From Addresses should not use the top-level domain for your site. For more information, see From Address Domains.
  • You cannot assign default From Addresses for Advanced Bulletin templates. These templates use the From Address selected for the General Bulletin Template for your account.

Step 2 - Request New From Addresses

Due to the technical nature of From Addresses, adding a new From Address or display name in your account is something that must be assisted by Granicus Customer Support. Contact us using the link at the bottom of this page. In your request, include the following:

  • Your desired From Address 
  • The display name(s) you’d like to use 
  • Indication of whether you want to restrict the From Address to a specific topic
  • Account Administrator approval (if you are not an Account Administrator) 

Step 3 - Assign From Addresses

Once a From Address or display name is added to your account, you must assign it to the appropriate template. Remember that you cannot assign a default From Address to an Advanced Bulletin template. At this time, advanced bulletins use the default From Address included in the General bulletin template for your account. For more information about this template or other default templates in your account, see Setting Default Bulletin Templates.

To access a topic’s bulletin template:

  1. In the left navigation menu, click Topics.
  2. Click a topic in the list.
  3. In the Topic menu on the right, click Topic Bulletin Template.

Here, you can set the From Address or display name. It will be set as the From Address by default for any bulletins created from this template. Note that courtesy copies and test bulletins always use the default From Address for your account. 


From Address Domains

When choosing a From Address for your organization, you should use a subdomain. For example, you would use something like, instead of the top-level domain of

Client Sub-domain with Granicus Communications Cloud–specific MX Record - The new subdomain DNS record must be updated with a Granicus Communications Cloud–specific MX record, which results in all email to that subdomain being managed by Granicus. Setting up an MX record means that your email systems will not be overwhelmed with message responses, as those are managed through Granicus’s email infrastructure.

To set up this option properly your email administrator will need to add two new
DNS records of type MX on your subdomain:

Domain Type Answer MX 10 MX 30

The rationale for this is is that we use Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records to identify ourselves to mail servers as a safe sender on your behalf. When you request a new from address, Granicus will make sure that you have added us to the SPF record for that subdomain. Then, when Communications Cloud sends out a message for you, we register the Sender Policy Framework and register the sending domain so your messages are not flagged as spam.

Due to the nature of email, we cannot publish SPF records for a customer’s top-level domain. If a customer were to put an SPF record in place for us to send from their top-level domain, they would be prevented by the ISPs from using that domain for their own internal emails.

For more information about SPF records, see Using SPF Record to Improve Email Deliverability.

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