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List-Unsubscribe Headers

Granicus follows a number of bulk sending best practices. One practice we recommend to ensure a high level of deliverability is using list-unsubscribe headers. List-unsubscribe headers are pieces of text included in the email header to provide the email client--such as Gmail--with a way to let uninterested subscribers delete their subscriptions. While not every email client uses list-unsubscribe headers, some will display an unsubscribe link next to the from address when viewing the message.

Why Would I Want Another Unsubscribe Link?

Including a list-unsubscribe header helps ISPs identify your content as safe. The list-unsubscribe header also offers the following benefits:

  • It curbs the use of the Report Spam button: According to ReturnPath, 1 in 5 people use the "spam” button to unsubscribe from a newsletter. Let uninterested subscribers easily opt out with a trustworthy link right at the top of the screen. Spam reports hurt your deliverability, making it harder for you to connect with the subscribers who actively want to see your content.
  • It keeps your engagement metrics accurate: Making it hard for uninterested subscribers to opt out of your messages won't help your relationship with them. It's better to part ways with them, rather than let them drag down your engagement rate.

How it Works

List-unsubscribe headers must be enabled for your account. When they are enabled, these headers are embedded for all bulletins sent in your account, across all topics and categories. This includes digest emails, but does NOT include: 

  • SMS/text messages
  • Transaction messages (e.g., "Subscription Changed" or "Welcome New Subscriber")
  • Messages sent using TMS

The list-unsubscribe headers sent from Communications Cloud use your account's one-click unsubscribe link. When a subscriber clicks the unsubscribe link generated in an email client from the list-unsubscribe header, Communications Cloud removes all topic subscriptions for that subscriber. 

Getting Started

If you want list-unsubscribe headers enabled for your account, contact your dedicated Client Success Consultant or submit a request to our Customer Support team using the link at the bottom of this page.

Some Background: Email Headers

The email header contains information about a message, like the sender, recipient, subject line, etc. It's different from what you might consider the header in your email message (in Communications Cloud's bulletin templates, you can display a standard banner across your messages to help your subscribers easily recognize your content). An email header isn't displayed to the recipient; it's text that is used by an email client to display information about your message, like this:


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